Body Shop exfoliating hand gloves – Review

While searching something in online shopping portal, I just came across the body shop exfoliating gloves. It’s different from the usual loofah we use with body wash. Also I got this as gift  in vibrant orange 🙂 You can get it online from amazon.

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Product Description :

These bath gloves increase the lather of your body wash and whisk away dead skin cells.

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Increase the lather of your body wash
  • Leave skin feeling softer and smoother

My skin Type:

Dry skin and it behaves good in summers 😉

How to use :

Pour a small amount of body wash  in the glove and rub over the body in circular movements. Use two to three times a week.


My experience :

Well this product is awesome and it helped me in saving time and money . I can get proper exfoliation and cleansing in a single go rather than using 2 products. It comes very handy. The gloves texture is neither smooth nor hard.To use the gloves all you have to do is put the gloves on , wet it and pour some of your favourite body wash and rub your body in a circular motion to exfoliate. Be extra careful around areas of your body that are especially sensitive or delicate.Once you have finished using the bath gloves all you have to do is rinse them with water and hang it to dry.

Exfoliating regularly is really good for your skin and it improves your skin tone, appearance and circulation. I exfoliate using the Body Shop bath gloves at least once in a week  and my skin looks and feels healthier . It helps to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin revealing healthier more vibrant skin.Avoid using this with same pressure on face.I use the fingertips of the gloves to gently rub my nose , cheeks and forehead

A loop on each glove is very useful to hang them in your bathroom.I would suggest to hand wash this once a while with your body wash itself .Changing your gloves once in 6 to 8 months is good, if you are using it regularly.

Overall its a great buy and it ‘s true to its claims  🙂


  1. It’s very convenient to use
  2. Effective in exfoliation
  3. Cost effective
  4. Texture is proper for good exfoliation
  5. True to its claims


  1. Might cause scratches in sensitive skin
  2. Need to dry it proper to avoid bacterial accumulation

Rating : 4.5 /5

Will I buy again:

Yes. Love it 🙂

Will I recommend to others :

Yes Yes Yes

Good Luck !