Anti ageing face mask for all seasons

Sorry , I have been away for a long time. I have been caught up with so many things lately and couldn’t  spend time for my blog as I planned.

Well better late than never 🙂 Today I have come up with a simple mask that will provide nourishment and reduce age spots on regular use. It’s simple and easy to make and it fits on budget

Ingredients needed :

  1.  Carrot – 1 small
  2. Honey – as needed
  3. Oatmeal – slightly powdered (1 tea spoon)



Boil or microwave carrot pieces and mash them. Leave it to cool down and add honey ,oatmeal powder until you get desired consistency

How to apply:

In a pre washed clean face, apply this as face mask covering face and neck. Leave it on for 15 – 20 mins. Wash it with lukewarm water and pat dry

That’s it 🙂 You will feel soft and nourished skin. On regular use, it will impart nice sheen and plumpness to your skin

What are you waiting for ? Go try this and let me know , whether you like your mask 🙂

Good Luck !


Tan removal at home

Summer is at its peak and it’s already soaring hot in Chennai 😦 Yet one more month to suffer 😦  Although I like summers more compared to winter, it comes with its own problem – TAN 

This post is about easy home remedy to remove the tan and it works wonders to your skin. The best part is it can be applied all over your body , its natural and cheap

The wonderful ingredient is ripe tomatoes (get the local variety for more effect)

download (3)

Please check whether you are allergic to enzymes in tomato by doing a patch test. Also avoid it after your facial, waxing or threading at least give 3 days break.

How to:

Slice the tomato in half and rub it in circular fashion on your face and neck . Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water

If you want to apply to your whole body, grind it and apply the pulp mixture. Do it in bathroom to avoid mess

Benefits of Tomato :

  1. Tomatoes contain a high level of lycopene, which is a substance that is used in some of the facial cleansers .
  2. Tomatoes helps in reducing pore size
  3. Tomatoes contain a great deal of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  4. Tomatoes are rich in beta carotene
  5. Tomatoes serve as astringent 
Good Luck !


Quick and Easy summer drink

Summer has already started and SUN has started sucking up water content on our body. This age-old recipe is super easy to make. Its healthy , refreshing and you can have it any time in a day. Plus you can store it in your fridge for 3 days and you can take it anywhere you go . The summer drink is Indianized version of buttermilk with a little kick 🙂
Yogurt or curd – 1 cup
Mint leaves – 1 spring
Coriander leaves – 4 sprigs
Green chilli – 1 small
Ginger – 1/2 teaspoon grated
Roasted cumin powder – 1/4 tea-spoon
Water – as required
Salt – to taste
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Asafoetida / hing – a pinch
images (1)

images (2)

How to prepare
In a blender, put all ingredients except curd, water and make a fine paste. You can strain the liquid and mix with curd . Or as last step add water and curd and blend it for 30 seconds .

That’s it you refreshing drink is ready to serve. Add ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves for lovely presentation.

You can also add cucumber , lemon juice as per your taste.
Good Luck !

DIY: Effective Sunburn treatment @ home

Summer has already started in Chennai and you will start feeling dehydrated within sometime of sun exposure. You have to soak yourself in a tub of sunscreen and stay hydrated to escape from sun 😦 However you can’t escape from sunburn irrespective of any caution you take. Obviously you can’t lock yourself at home /office.This DIY will be helpful and handy . Its über effective and you can do it at home. Its natural and it doesn’t put a hole in your budget

download (4)

Ingredients :

  1. Cucumber Juice
  2. Honey

Grate cucumber or grind cucumber pieces. Strain them to take our cucumber juice.Mix cucumber juice and honey in ratio of 2:1

images (1)

How to apply:
Wash your face and pat dry. Now apply this mixture and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off and apply moisturizer if needed
You can apply this for your whole body as well

I don’t want to waste the cucumber. I’ll grind them in fine paste and mix with honey. I’ll apply them after bath. You will delighted with instant cooling effect you get for summer and it works 🙂 Always use them as fresh batch .

What are you waiting for? Go try it 🙂

Hair oil to prevent hair loss

Everybody suffers hair fall once or many times in their life. On constant search to find a miracle hair treatment or hair oil, you don’t have to spend lot of money. Here is the way to prepare natural homemade hair oil that reduces hair fall and helps in achieving strong and healthy hair. The star that helps in hair fall reduction is GARLIC .

images (1)



Garlic benefits:

  1. Garlic is excellent for hair growth.
  2. It helps in decreasing hair fall, boosts regeneration of new hair follicles
  3. It removes harmful toxins from scalp, enhances hair texture, and reinforces the hair roots.
  4. The allicin in garlic helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp which in turn reduces hair fall and helps in stimulating hair growth.
  5. Garlic also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help in treating dandruff and itchy scalp.
  6. The sulphur present in garlic reduces the severity of dandruff and prevents it from coming back.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Castor oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Sesame oil
  4. Garlic cloves
  5. Curry leaves

How to prepare

Mix the oils in equal proportion. Add curry leaves and garlic cloves with skin (slightly crushed). Warm the oil . Don’t overheat it. Leave it for an hour so that the garlic gets infused


Apply this and massage hair. Leave for for half an hour or overnight. Shampoo and condition as usual.Use this once in a week. Make sure you make fresh batch every time rather than storing this. Have patience, it definitely will help on regular usage within 2 months.

Garlic has pungent smell,if you are not fine with that reduce the garlic cloves amount and keep the oil open for an hour before applying it.

Good luck !

DIY: Shine like a diamond !

Does your hair lack  shine ? and you are always in search of hair care products and spending money. Well this tip will put an end to all of that and you can get shiny and moisturised hair 🙂


Ingredients needed:

  1. Organic Apple cider vinegar
  2. Water

images (1)download




Mix apple cider vinegar to 2 parts of water. Adjust this as per your hair length,

How to :

Once you have shampoo and conditioned your hair. Use this mixture as last rinse. Don’t wash of with excess water. Dry and style as usual.

Your hair will impart a natural shine and apple cider vinegar helps to retain the moisture. 🙂

Good Luck!

Lighten your lips naturally


download (1)Today’s tip is an age-old one and proven .I have been looking for natural way of lightening lips without using lemon. I’m allergic to overdose of vitamin C 😦 Well this tip is awesome and not messy . Its 100 % natural and you do it any time in the day and how many ever times in a week

Tip: Cut a small wedge of beetroot, peel the skin. Push a fork through it to get the juices. Now apply the beet juice by running over beetroot slice over your lips as if you are applying lipstick

Your home-made lip therapy is ready 🙂

Good luck !

Split end prevention mask

Split ends are very girl’s concern or those who have long hair or damaged hair. Split ends are caused due to lack or moisture, excessive heat , rough handling of  hair and stress. Although there is no permanent cure for split ends rather than trimming your hair, you can prevent split ends with this simple mask.

download (1)


  1. Whole egg (use egg white if you don’t like the smell)
  2. Extra virgin olive oil – 3 spoons 
  3. Ripe banana -1

images (3)Preparation:

Mix all the ingredients in a blender.Adjust oil based on your hair length. Pass through a nice sieve to catch any small banana seeds. Your mask is ready. 

How to apply:


p>In a pre washed hair(best used in 2nd day of hair wash), apply this mask coating hair strands.Apply generous amount in hair tip. Leave it on for a minimum of half an hour. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Use this hair mask once a week for visible results.

Good luck !

Henna paste for luscious hair

I started using henna a month ago and I have applied henna paste twice in a month. It has helped to improve my hair texture, enhanced the color of my hair. Now my hair is blackish brown color. Henna also helped to achieve shine and smooth texture. As as added advantage, it helped to cool down my body. Those who have sinus or might get cold soon, please wash the henna paste within 30 minutes of application. If you are okay to keep it for a long time, keep it minimum an hour to 3 hours . Shampoo and condition as usual .

images (3)

Ingredients you need

  1. Henna powder (store-bought . I have used Banjaras natural henna)
  2. Whole egg (Use egg white , if you can’t tolerate the smell)
  3. Curd or Yogurt
  4. Lime juice
  5. Ground coffee powder
  6. Coconut oil or olive oil

images (2)

How to prepare :

Take a bowl ,add all the ingredients except oil and mix it. Add water for your desired consistency.Keep it overnight in fridge. Next day add coconut or olive oil.Coat all the strands of your hair with this mixture. Leave it on your hair as your wish. Wash this off thoroughly . Shampoo and condition as usual.

  • Curd and oil helps to prevent dryness
  • Coffee powder helps to achieve rich brown color suitable for indian hair color types.

Once you leave the paste overnight, the next day it would have developed a black color rather than the beautiful green color of henna. That’s the indication that you prepared the perfect paste. Enjoy your new hair color and reap the benefits 🙂

Good Luck !


Quick and Easy skin brightening facemask

This quick and easy mask cum scrub helps you to brighten your skin, remove blackheads and impart a natural glow to your face. All you need is Rice paper.It’s suitable for all skin types and can be used in any season anytime of the day .


Things needed:

  1. Rice paper mask
  2. Green tea
  3. Lemon juice


How to prepare:

Make your green tea as usual with hot water. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and soak the rice paper mask on the mixture. Once the rice paper is translucent, put the paper on face. Leave it for 15 minutes and gently scrub it away. Voila ! Your super easy DIY face mask cum scrub is ready and can be made at home without spending bucks on products available in market .

download (1)


  1. The rice paper will help smooth and soften the skin.
  2. Rice water was used back in history and is still used today to help keep skin looking young, soft, smooth and bright
  3. Green tea is used to help treat your acne with its detoxifying properties, and soothes tired dull looking skin.
  4. Lemon juice is a great partner with rice water because they both help brighten the skin.
  5. Lemon juice lifts scars, and helps fade pigmentation.
  6. This mask is natural.
  7. Easy on pocket

Good luck !